Electronics Night

Every Thursday but Thanksgiving.

What the heck is Electronics Night?

Electronics Night is a weekly meetup of makers, hackers, artists, and engineers interested in all things technology. The group meets at Spark Makerspace at 7 Union St in New London from 6-8pm.

Bring something to show off or just stop by to see what others are working on.

Areas of interest include electronics, circuit and PCB design, 3D printing, electronic art, game design, web design, systems administration, reverse-engineering, and more. Most folks bring a laptop, though that's certainly not a requirement.

Electronics aren't my thing, is this still the meetup for me?

We are welcoming to nerds of all kinds! Whether you're into electronics, 3D printing, programming, game design, lasers, robots, or something else, swing by and say 'greetings!'

Where can I park?

Street parking in New London is free (and unlimited after 6pm). If there isn't a spot on the street, there's a municipal lot at 1 Eugine O'Neill Drive (about a block away) that's free after 6pm.

Other Questions?

Email electronics at sparkmakerspace.org or swing by. You can also check out sparkmakerspace.org.

I'm a regular at Electronics Night and I think you've missed something here!

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